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Bed In A Bags, Comforters, and Comforter Ensembles

Stitched Suede Bed-In-Bags
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T-200 Solid Colors Bed-In-Bags

Zebra Print Bed-In-Bag Sets

Happy Hearts Bed-In-Bag Sets

Leopard Print Bed-In-Bag Sets

Giraffe Bed-In-Bag Sets

Serengetti Bed-In-Bags

Galatea Bed-In-Bag Sets

Fantasy Eyelet  Bed-In-Bag Bedding

Sassy Girl Bed-In-Bag Sets

Tropical Grove Bed-In-A-Bags

Pendleton Camouflage

See The Moon Bed-In-Bag Sets

Charmeuse Satin Comforters and Sets

Camouflage Sets - Tan Pink Green Blue


African Dawn

Sauvage Safari


Bear Valley Berber

Blue Ridge Trading - Multiple Designs

Virgin Wool Filled Comforter

Versailles Collection Multiple Patterns

Elite Collection - Multiple Patterns

Tiki Hut Ensemble

Denim Comforters

True Grit - Multiple Patterns

The Jacquards - Multiple Patterns

Realtree Mossy Oak Camouflage Designs

Karin Maki Bedding - Multiple Patterns

Coral Reef Comforter Sets

Belize Ensemble

The Palms


Zebra Satin Comforter Set

Leopard Satin Comforter Set

Denim Comforters & Bedding

Premium Bridal Satin Comforters

Velvet Comforter & Bedspreads

Charmeuse Silk Coverlets

Habutai Silk Comforters

100% Cotton Flannel Comforters

100% Bridal Satin  Comforters

250 Thread Count Cotton Comforters

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300 Thread Count  Cotton Comforter

T-400 Pima Cotton Comforters


100% Cotton Flannel Quilted Reversible Comforters








Reversible 100% cotton flannel comforters, comforter reverses to same color. Average flannel weight is 5½oz. Wash in cold water easy soap, cool dry.
Size Cost Item ID#
Twin 67" x 92" $73.00 MFCFFL01
XLTwin 67" x 98" $76.00 MFCFFL02
XXLTwin 67" x 101" $76.00 MFCFFL03
Full 84" x 92" $78.00 MFCFFL04
XLFull 84" x 98" $79.00 MFCFFL05
Queen 90" x 92" $83.00 MFCFFL07
XLQeen 90" x 94" $86.00 MFCFFL08
Olympic Queen 90" x 92" $86.00 MFCFFL17
E. King 103" x 92" $88.00 MFCFFL09
C. King 93" x 103" $89.00 MFCFFL10
S/Single 67" x 92" Waterbed $76.00 MFCFFL32
King/Queen 90" x 103" W/B $77.00 MFCFFL35


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