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Canopy Top Bedding

What is more romantic than canopy bedding for a girl. She will feel like
a princess sleeping in such an elegant bed. Girl's canopy bedding is a
great way to bring a designer feel to a childs room. Give a twin bed a
look of grandeur with a twin canopy bedding set.

Canopy bedding is made of several yards of fabric that connects at
the top of a wonderful crown creating a beautiful canopy effect.  You
can also have a canopy bed where fabric flows from front to back to form
a ceiling.  However you decorate a bedroom with the fun and imagination which will go on well into the night when lying under this beautiful canopy


Fantasy Eyelet

Flower Fields

Daisy Blue

Tie-dye Pastel
Eyelet Canopy Top
Eyelet Canopy Top
Multiple Solid Colors Chintz


Lace Canopy Top



200tc Solid Colors
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