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Canopy Top Bedding

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Eyelet Canopy Top
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Eyelet Canopy Top


Lace Canopy Top



Solid Color Chintz Canopy Tops & Accessories

Solid color sides are 100% cotton chintz, 12" ruffled drop with solid white polyester/cotton blend top. Matching bed skirts & pillow shams available. Length and width frame measurements required for flat and arch styles. Special order item.
Item Price Item ID#
Twin Flat Top Style $89.00 801CTFCH
Twin Arch Top Style $89.00 801CTACH
Full Flat Top Style $89.00 804CTFCH
Full Arch Top Style $89.00 804CTACH
Queen Flat Top Style $89.00 807CTFCH
Queen Arch Top Style $89.00 807CTACH
King Flat Top Style $89.00 809CTFCH
King Arch Top Style $89.00 809CTACH
Cal. King Flat Top Style $89.00 810CTFCH
Cal. King Arch Top Style $89.00 810CTACH
Std. Ruffled Pillow Sham $43.00 813PSCH
Queen Ruffled Pillow Sham $43.00 807PSCH
King Ruffled Pillow Sham $43.00 809PSCH






Slate Blue
Canopy Frame Dimensions: Most canopy tops require canopy frame dimensions, each manufacturer makes canopy frames different from each other. Please provide the following measurement when ordering as most canopies are special order and may need to be custom made. Melissa, Victorian Dreamer and Pocahontas canopy tops do not require measurements.
1. Provide width from corner to corner of canopy frame.
2. Provide length of canopy frame.
3. If "arch" or "camel" style, provide length of frame from corner to corner, be sure to include the arch when measuring the length. *Important for Arch or Camel Style!  Be sure to measure the length which includes following up and over the rise of the arch, this will give a longer distance as if it were measured in a straight line.
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