Inseperable & Bunk Bed Sheets


Inseperable & Bunk Bed Sheets

$26.00 - $169.00

Quality 200 Thread Count 50/50 Polyester Cotton Blend Percale Inseparable Sheets are sewn together across the foot and up the entire wall side of the bed so the sheets are held firmly in place.

Right & Left Opening Sample

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Inseparable sheets are designed for beds, bunk beds, daybeds, dorms, RV's or any bed that may be against a wall or difficult to make. The top sheet and bottom sheet goes on at the same time tucking in neatly along the wall side (there is no sheet to come untucked and hang down on the wall side of the top). The convenience of putting both the top and bottom sheets on at the same time, keeps the sheets neatly and securely tucked in at all times. Custom sizes available. Hand Made In The U.S.A.

It's as easy as 1 2 3.

1) Flat and fitted sheets are joined together down one side and across bottom. So there is no tucking in hard to get places.
2) When you put your fitted sheet on your top sheet goes on automatically.
3) When you get up in the morning, just pull the top sheet straight across and the bed is made. Sheet sets include pillow case(s).

Available in right or left side opening. Machine washable 50% cotton 50% polyester percale. Fitted sheet fits depths up to 16".

Inseperable Sheets