Classic Eyelet Bed Canopy Tops


Classic Eyelet Bed Canopy Tops

$23.00 - $189.00

Canopies are hand made of 100% eyelet, this is not mock eyelet, it is the real thing! Available in arch or flat style. Picture shown is of arch, flat style also available. Proudly Made In The U.S.A.

Flat Style  Actual Canopy - Arch Style  Canopy Corner  Square Pillow  Neckroll Pillow  Eyelet Sample

Classic White Eyelet Bed Canopies have an approximate 13.5" to 14" drop of real eyelet on all 4 sides, there are 2" corner holes on each corner for attachment, top is made of same white eyelet, entire canopy is eyelet material except for the queen size which has a solid white top. Canopies are available in arch and flat style. Eyelet material is a 50/50 poly cotton blend. Eyelet bed canopies are recommended dry clean but can be machine washed using low heat and low gentle settings. Accessory items include: 13" neckroll pillow and 16" square pillow. Custom sizes available from crib to king sizes only. Eyelet design will be different then what is pictured for crib, custom and king size canopies. Color is white.

Twin Canopy Top Finished Size: 44" x 89"

Full Canopy Top Finished Size: 59" x 89"

Queen Canopy Top Finished Size: 64" x 92"

King Canopy Top Finished Size 80" x 92" (Special Order)

Custom Sizes: see" x below"

Custom Bed Canopies

To order a custom canopy, select "Custom Sized Canopy" from the drop down menu. Custom sizes are available from crib to king sizes only, when filling out the order information please follow the "Canopy Frame Measurements" instructions and include the required information in the "comment box" when completing your order.

Canopy Frame Measurements: Please provide the following measurements when ordering your custom sized canopy top, this is a special order and is non-returnable.

 1. Provide width from corner to corner of canopy frame (usually from the point of the corner spindals or where the canopy top corners are affixed).

 2. Provide length of canopy frame for flat tops (see #3 for arch style).

 3. If "arch" or "camel" style, provide length of frame from top corner to bottom corner, be sure to include the rise of the arch when measuring the length. *Important for Arch or Camel Style!  Be sure to measure the length which includes following up and over the rise of the arch, this will give a longer distance as if it were measured in a straight line.