10% Off!....... DreamClean Waterproof Mattress & Pillow Protector


10% Off!....... DreamClean Waterproof Mattress & Pillow Protector

$17.00 - $99.00

DreamFit Basic Dream Clean Mattress Protector Waterproof. Our Basic Terrycloth Mattress Protector is body-vapor breathable,

DreamClean   DreamClean 

The Sleep Calm Mattress Protector by DreamFit® uses elastic four times wider and 20 times stronger than found in other leading mattress pads. The patented DreamFit® construction assures a perfect fit for every mattress up to 22 inches deep. Guaranteed to Fit and Stay On. The premium Lycra border around the side performs and lasts, giving you a properly fitted mattress pad to keep your mattress covered and protected. Insured protection for 10 years - manufacturer's warranty information included with packaging.

DreamClean Mattress Protector is compatible with Tempur-Pedic mattresses.

• 100% Terry Cloth
• Breathable material for dry comfort
• 100% waterproof
• Allergen resistant
• Guaranteed to Fit, Guaranteed To Stay On™.
• Ten-year Limited Mattress Protection Warranty 


Twin measures: 76" x 39" x 15"
Twin Xl measures: 39" x 81" x 15"
Full measures: 76" x 55" x 15"
Queen measures: 81" x 61" x 15"
King measures: 81" x 77" x 15"
California King measures: 85" x 72" x 15"

Care for all DreamFit® Linens:

Wash all your DreamFit® sheets separately. Do not wind DreamFit® or any sheets around the agitator as they will become entangled. Wash on gentle cycle in warm water; do not use bleach as bleach breaks down most fabric fibers. Tumble dry on low heat and remove your DreamFit® sheets from the dryer as soon as they are dry. Rotate your sheets from the foot of the bed to the head of the bed each time you make the bed with clean sheets to help extend the life of your bedding.