Classic Quilted Mattress Pad


Classic Quilted Mattress Pad

$32.00 - $89.00

Classic Fitted Style Quilted Mattress Pads. All sizes including sofa, olympic, hospital adjustable 3/4 and custom sizes.

Quilting  Fitted Style

Classic elegance mattress pad is a special edition construction of tightly quilted 100% cotton top with a layer of polyester filling. The layer creates an allergenic barrier for an ideal sleep. The fitted skirt fits up to 16-inch deep mattresses. The mattress pad ships in a vinyl zippered bag for storage when not in use. Quilting pattern may vary.

  • Fully Quilted with Fitted Skirt
  • Top is 100% Cotton
  • Bottom is 100% Polyester
  • Knitted Stretch Skirt fits up to a 21 inch deep mattresses
  • Washable
  • 100% Polyester Fiberfill
  • The 3/4 Size fits many antique beds, camper and boat size mattresses

Custom Sized Mattress Pad

To order a custom sized mattress pad, select "Custom Sized Mattress Pad" from the drop down menu. Custom size mattress pads can not exceed king size measurements, when filling out the order information please follow the "Mattress Measurements" instructions and include the required information in the "comment box" when completing your order.

Mattress Measurements: Please provide the following measurements when ordering your custom sized mattress pad, this is a special order and is non-returnable.

 1. Provide width from corner to corner of mattress.

 2. Provide length from corner to corner of mattress.

 3. Provide thickness of mattress, guesstimate how thick the mattress is a few inches in from the edge because the edge may curve and not provide an accurate thickness.